Considering that this country is my closest neighbour my exploration of it is poor. I think I have been 4 times twice to Paris (post about this coming soon), once on a school trip to the next village on from Calais and most recently to go snowboarding (post about this coming soon).


That is not to say there isn’t a world of adventure to be had in France- I recently watched a documentary called Wild France with Ray Mears, which completely opened my eyes to the diverse range of landscapes France. And now I am dying to take a road trip to experience it for myself.


Here is a link to some of hotspots that I would like to visit in France- this list is far from a comprehensive guide to the places worth visiting in France but is growing with the more I read about the place (also I have a cool new french house mate who I am sure can point me in the direction of some the less known gems of the country).