Flying is so easy today with thousands of planes taking off everyday to a huge number of destinations and for relatively low prices. This is why many people now prefer to fly than drive/coach/bus(/boat?). Not to mention the amount of time that you can save in doing so.

However, flight cancellations must be one of the most frustrating things to happen and all that time you thought you were going to save is wasted sitting in an airport


The stages:

  1. Disbelief- so the boards have fairly small writing so they first few seconds/minutes is spent looking from the destination to the left following the line to the information on the right and thinking “no it isn’t my flight that says cancelled it is the one below- I didn’t join the lines up”.
  2. Panic– the headless chicken stage. AHHH what am I going to do!!! I need this flight I have x,y and z to do when I get back. Some people may even shed a few tears here as they fail to ever see an outcome to this problem.
  3. The business mind– time to get your negotiation skills ready for talking on the phone or to the ground staff. You need to argue your way onto the earliest next available and make sure you get the maximum budget for you meal voucher!!
  4. Boredom– you have 12 hours to the next flight you could book onto what are you possibly going to do to fill the time? Make friends, read a book or maybe crash the VIP lounge.
  5. Tired– you have already had a long stressful day and you are not even on your way yet! Try and catch a few z’s in the airport chairs
  6. Relief- whoooo you have finally managed to get on a plane and it is just about to take off.


Top Tips

  • Check your flight before you leave for the airport to check that everything is running okay.
  • Have the airlines app on your phone so you can check your flight whilst in the airport and get easier access to onward travel.
  • Think about ringing the airline to bypass the queue of angry customers (although this may charge you if calling from another country- consider getting a family member to do so for you).
  • Keep all your receipts- you should be able to contact the airline to get the money back.
  • Apply for compensation. Some of the time you can apply for compensation if your flight is more than two hours delayed or cancelled- but this is only often if the reason is beyond the airlines control (the law does vary for different countries etc so know what you are entitled to)
  • Make sure you ask for some meal vouchers.
  • Always take some kind of activity to the airport just in case you have a long wait. Or make some friends at the airport if you didn’t.
  • Make sure you have insurance- they will often compensate you if the airline can’t.
  • Try and get some sleep.
  • See how much it costs to get into the airport lounge.
  • Pack some essentials in your carry on luggage.