Scottish Adventures

A brief summary of my exploration of Scotland. Hopefully this will help you plan your trip!


Weekend break to Lisbon

Lisbon was never really somewhere I thought of going and I hadn’t heard of many others going here on holiday. But after seeing a post of a woman I met travelling I knew that it had to be my next... Continue Reading →

The emotional stages of a cancelled flight

Flying is so easy today with thousands of planes taking off everyday to a huge number of destinations and for relatively low prices. This is why many people now prefer to fly than drive/coach/bus(/boat?). Not to mention the amount of... Continue Reading →

¡Me no comprende! Best phrases to learn before going to a foreign country.

    Having a good understanding of the language in a foreign country can really help you to integrate better and get a more in depth look at how the locals live.   Unfortunately, this is hindered by the fact... Continue Reading →

Inland Trail San Francisco to LA in Three weeks.

This was a (just over) three week trip that I took in September 2015. The trip can only really be taken from May-October due to a pass though the Sierra Nevada being closed in the winter. However, could be modified... Continue Reading →

10 ways to spend less on the “BORING” parts of a holiday.

Want more money to spend on the stuff you love doing on holidays? Look here for some tips on cutting the cost of the mundane parts of your trip.

Should I take the kitchen sink? What to take with you when travelling.

Here are some tips on packing for the next trail that you find yourself on. Also a few travel hack items which helped me out on the road.

Travel Planning- What type of holiday planner are you?

Ever wondered what type of planner you are? Well I have categorised them for you so you can see what you best fit to. Along with adding the basic plans that everyone starting their next trail needs to think about!

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